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    Superintendent's Message


    Superintendent Braman Photo

    Hello to all in the Northwest Community!


    Recently, the state report card was released and I am happy to say that we did very well! Of course, this is a credit to having all of our students return back to school after COVID hit as soon as possible. Many districts did not follow this path and their scores reflect that mistake.

    The large part of the credit goes to our faculty and staff working so well with the community! It is vital that all of us work together so that all of our students have the opportunity to realize their full potential.

    Thank you all throughout the community for your support of our faculty and staff.  We have many people doing great things every day for our students. We are blessed to have your support! This has everything to do with our academic success!

    You may have heard me say this before that testing every spring is not the beginning and ending as to how our district is doing overall. We use this as a bit of a picture to take our temperature. I say that now but… I am thrilled we have done so well! This is not an accident and we should celebrate this as much as we can. I am humbly telling you that we are at the very top of the county with this most recent report card. Pretty cool stuff!

    Here is the link for you to see if you have not seen it yet: https://www.cantonrep.com/story/news/education/2022/09/15/ohio-state-report-cards-results-released-for-stark-tuscarawas-schools/69486811007/

    Again – thank you for all of your support!


    Shawn Braman, Ed.D



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    Strategic Planning


    Northwest Local School District: A premier learning organization - THE gateway to opportunities


    We educate, motive and inspire each student to achieve his or her highest potential

    Core Values

    As we strive to attain our Vision and go about the work in our Mission, we are committed and bound to the following values:

    • An active partnership with parents and community
    • Honesty and integrity in all we do
    • Respecting tradition while looking to the future
    • Equipping educators with the means to provide dynamic learning experiences
    • Continuous learning and improvement
    • Respecting the worth and dignity of each individual, creating a safe learning environment
    • Equal and diverse educational opportunities for all students to prepare them to be competitive in a global market
    • An environment that reflects our community values and enhances the development of the whole individual

    Strategic Plan