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Student Mental Health Services

Hope Behavioral 

Any Northwest student wishing to begin working with a therapist due to mental health or other adjustment/transition/behavioral difficulties can sign up for behavioral health therapy with a Hope Behavioral Health Therapist. Parents or students can go to the website and click on Locations, and select Northwest Schools.   Then click on Get Started, and then Intake Form.  Then parents can fill out the intake form online.  At the end of the intake form, parents can specify if there is a specific therapist they want for their child. Therapist biographies are available on the website.  After completing the intake form online, a intake staff member or the therapist will be in touch to set up an intake appointment.  The intake appointment can take place at the school, at the therapist’s office, or over the phone.  After the intake appointment all sessions are at the child’s school.  Summer sessions are also available at Northwest High School or at the therapist’s HBH office.  All therapy sessions are billed through the client's health insurance and copays or coinsurance amounts may apply. Some therapists can negotiate lower rates for clients with no insurance or high deductibles or fees.  

Questions can be sent to Rachel Brown, LISW,, 800.543.4560, extension 823, Lead Therapist for Northwest Schools 

Other Northwest Schools Therapists are:

Jim Cato, 800-642-4560 x882 

Krista Hargrave, khargrave@hopebehavioral.com800-642-4560 x842 

Julie Koch, 800-642-4560 x TBD