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Standards Based Report Cards

Why Standards-Based Reporting

  • Standards-Based Grading (SBG) is a refined way of reporting what students know and how they demonstrate their learning of state content standards.
  • The goal of SBG is to better communicate what each student knows and is able to do according to state content standards and separately assess the influence of positive and consistent work habits on student learning.
  • SBG builds a common language between home and schools.
  • SBG provides an understanding of where the student is in developing necessary skills for academic success.

SBG reduces the self-fulfilling achievement stigma students experience when they compare themselves to their peers.

What Parents Can Expect

This year you child will receive a standards-based (SB) report card that uses an M - P - SN rubric reporting system to monitor student progress through

  • Informal assessments
  • Written reponses
  • Multiple choice quesetions
  • Other preformance activities

This is to help you understand what your child is learning this year.  The SB report card provides a quartlery snapshot to parents and students regarding the sudent's progress towards mastering the performance-based standards.

Report Card Key for Indicators

Marks Definition
  • Meets grade level expectations
  • Understands concepts
  • Making progresss toward grade level standards
  • Some support needed
  • Has not consistently met grade level standards
  • Needs additional practice
  • Relies on support and encouragement


Report Card Format Samples:


Grade Level

Kindergarten Report Card
First Grade Report Card
Second Grade Report Card
Third Grade Report Card
Fourth Grade Report Card
Fifth Grade Report Card


Standards Based Report Card Parent Brochure