Reveal Math Online Textbook & Digital Calculators

This link, aligned to our 8th Grade Math and Algebra I textbooks, provides the following online resources: eBook, digital glossary, virtual manipulatives, personal tutor videos, extra practice worksheets, and self-check quizzes.  These resources can help you to support and advance the learning we do in the classroom!

To automatically log into your Reveal Math online textbook account, go to Clever and click on either the "Reveal Math Online Textbook" icon (under Mrs. Harper's Math Apps) OR the "McGraw Hill" icon (under More Apps from the District).  You will then be prompted to enter your correct class code from the list below which should allow you to virtually add our textbook to your digital library.

8th Grade Math Period 1:     IAOCGIYX   

8th Grade Math Period 2:     ZOUW2SGX        

8th Grade Math Period 3:     F70NR7XL   

8th Grade Math Period 4:     L1GE7GRI   

Algebra I Period 5/6:             LGMBC99Z    

8th Grade Math Period 9:     AWDN61GM


*Note I: Each 8th Grade Math student will receive his/her own Math workbook (Versions 1 and 2) to complete written daily notes and lesson practice (with the above digital version of the textbook as an added support to this).  Each Algebra I student will receive his/her own hardcover Algebra textbook to be used along with his/her own spiral notebook to record written daily notes and lesson practice (with the above digital version of the textbook as an added support to this).


*Note II: Be sure to bring your required calculator with you to class everyday since you have the opportunity to use this tool for all calculations throughout every chapter in our course.  8th Grade Math (and 7th Grade Enriched) students should have a TI-30XIIS scientific calculator, and Algebra I students should have a TI-84 Plus (or TI-84 Plus CE) graphing calculator.  If you happen to forget your calculator on any given day, please use the links below to access digital versions of these calculators.

Desmos: Scientific Calculator (8th Grade Math)

Desmos: Graphing Calculator (Algebra I)