ConnectED Online Textbook & Digital Calculators

This link, aligned to our 8th Grade Math and Algebra I textbooks, provides the following online resources: eBook, digital glossary, virtual manipulatives, personal tutor videos, extra practice worksheets, and self-check quizzes.  These resources can help you to support and advance the learning we do in the classroom!  To log into your ConnectED online textbook account, you will receive your own Northwest username and password (at the start of the school year).  Once logged in, "add" the digital version of your class textbook by locating the Redemption Code Coupon posted to your 8th Grade Math or Algebra I class webpage (at the left), reading its instructions carefully, and entering the provided textbook redemption code into your ConnectED account if prompted to do so.

*Note I: Each 8th Grade Math student will also receive his/her own Math workbook (Versions 1 and 2) to complete written daily notes and lesson practice (with the digital version of the textbook as an added support to this).  Algebra I students will not receive hardcover textbooks this year (unless requested by student or parent) but will instead use our digital Algebra I textbook daily via their Chromebooks (with individual printed chapter packets to record written notes and practice examples).


*Note II: Be sure to bring your required calculator with you to class everyday since you have the opportunity to use this tool for all calculations throughout every chapter in our course.  8th Grade Math (and 7th Grade Enriched) students should have a TI-30XIIS scientific calculator, and Algebra I students should have a TI-84 Plus (or TI-84 Plus CE) graphing calculator.  If you happen to forget your calculator on any given day, please use the links below to access digital versions of these calculators.

Desmos: Scientific Calculator (8th Grade Math)

Desmos: Graphing Calculator (Algebra I)