Edpuzzle & Get More Math

Throughout this school year, we will utilize many technology-based, blended learning tools to support our 8th Grade Math and Algebra I learning.  Edpuzzle will provide you with virtual lesson videos to be viewed each night in order for you to preview the lesson content that will be taught in class the following day.  These virtual lessons will serve as your only required homework assignments this year, and completing these videos entirely will result in cumulative gradebook points for you at the end of each chapter.  Required video links will appear by chapter and topic within Google Classroom daily.  (*If prompted to log in, select "I'm a student" and "Sign in with Google.")


*Note: Once you join the Google Classroom for your specific course and class period, you will automatically be linked to our class Edpuzzle content (through your Northwest Google Account), so your Edpuzzle lesson videos should play automatically through Google Classroom without logging in, your progress will be saved, and your scores can be frequently viewed.


Get More Math will provide you with digital lesson practice and mixed review problem sets aligned to concepts we are currently learning as well as those concepts we learned together in previous chapters this year.  This program continuously tracks your own individual progress, monitors your strengths and areas for growth, and assists you in mastering all of our course curriculum.  This virtual practice will serve as required daily practice, so completing these assigned practice sets and achieving your mixed review goals will result in cumulative gradebook points for you at the end of each chapter.  


To "join" Get More Math for your specific course and class period, first click on the designated join link below.  If you are new to Get More Math, create your account by clicking "Get Started," enter your first and last names, your username (firstnamelastname) (*no spaces, symbols, or punctuation marks), and your password twice (your NW Google account password).  If you have used Get More Math in a previous Math course, then simply click "I already have an account" and log in using your former username and password:

8th Grade Math Period 1:     https://mygmm.app/BXKPVR   

8th Grade Math Period 2:     https://mygmm.app/WYVLJY   

8th Grade Math Period 3:     https://mygmm.app/PNGLXT   

8th Grade Math Period 4:     https://mygmm.app/CDVQBV   

Algebra I Period 5/6:             https://mygmm.app/RRMMYT​​​​​​​   

8th Grade Math Period 9:     https://mygmm.app/QMVGWL   

*Note: For more information on how to navigate your Get More Math Practice Sets, view the Student Introduction Tutorial video (linked here), the GMM Colored Squares & Symbols Guide (linked here), and/or the GMM Parent Guide (linked here).