Khan Academy & DeltaMath

Throughout this school year, we will utilize many technology-based, blended learning tools to support our 8th Grade Math/Algebra learning.  Both Khan Academy and DeltaMath will be accessed by you on scheduled Review & Extend class periods during which we will complete mixed reviews of all of the current content we are learning.  Both programs allow you to view virtual reteach videos, detailed content hints, and virtual manipulatives to support and extend your learning in preparation for new concepts and upcoming assessments.  These virtual reviews will serve as required practice when assigned, so completing these review sets and achieving the set goals will result in cumulative gradebook points for you at the end of each chapter's review series.

To "join" Khan Academy for your specific course and class period, go to the website listed above, click "Login," and select "Continue with Google/Clever."  Once logged in and viewing your "Learner Home," click "Teachers," go to "Join a Class," and enter the correct class code from the list below:

8th Grade Math Period 1:     AWW939FT   

8th Grade Math Period 2:     ENUTUN7H        

8th Grade Math Period 3:     588ANNCQ   

8th Grade Math Period 4:     VM5AGU9D   

Algebra I Period 5/6:             7TCC8DDW   

8th Grade Math Period 9:     RG82R6SZ   

To "join" DeltaMath for your specific course and class period, first click on the designated join link below.  You should then see my name, your course, and your specific class period.  Click "Register with Google" (using your Northwest Google email and password) to complete your account setup and view upcoming assignments.

8th Grade Math Period 1:   

8th Grade Math Period 2:        

8th Grade Math Period 3:   

8th Grade Math Period 4:   

Algebra I Period 5/6:      

8th Grade Math Period 9: