Google Classroom & Clever Software

Welcome to our 8th Grade Math and Algebra I Google Classrooms! This virtual learning environment will grow to become a major resource for you in our Math and Algebra I classrooms and will be designated for your specific course and class period. Throughout the school year, this portal will include the following blended learning/flipped classroom resources: (a) Math resources linked to each lesson and chapter (virtual lesson videos, content-specific notes, interactive math manipulatives, and related study tools), (b) digitally-based assignments (via Edpuzzle, Get More Math, DeltaMath, Khan Academy, Desmos, Kahoot, & Gimkit), and (c) open-ended communication and collaboration opportunities with your peers and Mrs. Harper.                                             


To "join" the Google Classroom for your specific course and class period, please log in with your Northwest Google Account and enter the correct class code from the list below (all lowercase letters and numbers):

8th Grade Math Period 1:    v4mfb3v

8th Grade Math Period 2:    jsxjrdm

8th Grade Math Period 3:    gwsjcgh

8th Grade Math Period 4:    g7x43vz

Algebra I Period 5/6:            qbjgan7

Flex Time Period 8:              sp7bcbk

8th Grade Math Period 9:    iupq24e

Parents, please email me to request an "invitation" to join your student's Google Classroom as a "guardian" in order to track his/her progress, class announcements, and upcoming assignments and assessments.


*Additional Note (for students): Clever Software has been set-up on your district-issued Chromebook (as an extension) and will serve as a hub for any and all of the content area apps and digital resources that we use daily and weekly in Math.  To access any of the resources detailed on the left, you may simply open your Clever extension and locate the app shared through my Clever teacher page (*titled "Mrs. Harper's Math Apps") (*includes digital graphing/scientific calculators, DeltaMath, Edpuzzle, Get More Math, Gimkit, Khan Academy, Kahoot, Reveal Math Online Textbook, and this Northwest teacher site).  Clever will save your personal log-in credentials so you may access any of these resources with one click.