Homework Policies

1. Homework is due when the students walk into science class or when their science class starts if they are working at home. I assign work with the assumption that the students are ready to utilize the knowledge during the class, so coming prepared is vital.

2. Homework will be presented as paper copies or electronically through Google classroom. Please remind your student to check the stream and the agenda for their specific science class. 

3. I will be posting assignment due dates and upcoming test announcements on your child's google class. On the day the assignments are actually given I attach them to to google classroom.  I also use the texting program our school offers to send one text per week outlining the upcoming week's work.

4. I realize how busy our students and families are. While I will try to keep HW at a minimum, it is inevitable that I assign work outside of class to cover the curriculum in the allotted time. It is my plan to give students a couple of days to complete assignments, with the option to receive extra credit if the work is done before the due date.

5. Homework that is NOT completed when due will be returned to the student, who will need to make up the assignment for late credit. Late credit is 50%.

6. Oftentimes, the purpose of giving HW is for students to review concepts from previous years. I tend to give work from 6th or 7th grade texts, and present larger reading selections in an audio as well as written format. In other words, the work should be completed without too much stress by any student in the 8th grade.

While I do not mind students advising others about where they found answers, or how they thought about a particular question to help when their friends are "stuck", merely copying another student's work does not give them any sort of educational benefit.  Please encourage your student to tackle the HW immediately, see me if they are struggling with assignment, and to avoid copying the work of others.