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A little about me


My Name is Jim Shiplett 2015-2016 school year was the first year I took over running the Mod Tech lab, before, I taught high school math at Carrollton High School for 3 years.  The summer of 2016 I got married to my wife Mckensie, we welcomed out first child Easton, on 8/27/2017.  We live in Canal Fulton with our schnoodle Milo.  I Graduated from Northwest High School in 2008. I was offered a schalorship and had the opportunity to play football for 4 years at Walsh University while earning my Bachelors of Science degree in 2012, for grades 7-12 in Mathematics.  In 2018 I earned my masters in education and technology from WGU  I coach football at the high school, as well as middle school track.  I also have been an OHSAA Licensed Basketball Official since 2009.  I welcome the opportunity to have a postive effect on my students lives, and try to push them to be better than they already are.



A little about Mod Tech


Mod Tech is a student led learning lab.  Students typically work with partners to complete modules.  Each module covers a specific topic or field of study, where students will explore, learn, and apply basic skills used in that topic.   We have 15 different modules in the lab ranging from Sports Statistics, Rocketry and Space, Robots, Video Production and Engineering Bridges.  


More on student led learning


Student led learning in the on the cutting edge of education in the 21st century.  Students are given tasks to complete with basic instruction, students then have brain storm, problem solve and apply their knowledge to complete these tasks.  On a daily basis students have to think critically, use practical math skills, and complete hands on activities. 




I keep the web grade book as up to date as possible.  Each module is worth 420 points.  Each student and their partner is working in a different module at any given time (lasting about 10 days) when they are finished students "rotate" to a new module.  So, when I input grades in the web grade book they are listed as "Rotation 1" or "Rotation 2".  The details of the students grade will not be seen on the web grade book, just the number of points earned out of 420, I can provide any details on a rotation grade upon request.  Students are given a portfolio folder at the beginning of the semester, on this portfolio students are given space to keep a running total of their grade as the class progresses, students are also required calculate their grade in a module at least once a week and report it to me which serves as another way for students to track their progress.  Since all students work at different paces, posting grades to the online grade book is often delayed.  Below are the dates of when rotations were started in an effort to provide more up to date progress of students in Mod Tech.





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