2016 Election Portfolio


Monday-Tuesday 11/7-11/8

You received the last part of this Election Project/Portfolio: Speech Scorecard for all candidates. Follow the instructions. You can get these from the assignment folder on this Website. Also, start putting your portfolio together following the Table of Contents.

Thursday 10/6/16 and Friday 10/14/16

You received Media Watch Log and Be Ad Smart portion of this portfolio. Follow the directions given to you. Make sure the dates you put down for the news story, is the day they originally aired. If you are not to this part of the portfolio, you should be working on this outside of class. See me/email me if you have questions. Remember you are using this site (Teacher Links) to do this work.

Friday, 9/30/2016

1) We continued working on our Election Portfolio. Work on Government Fact Sheets, Candidate bios, and Political Issues and candidates stances on these issues. See 9/23 and 9/16.

Friday, September 16, 2016

1) The goal of this project is to learn how to obtain information, learn from it, and come up with an informed decision. You will learn how to do this as we go through this project.


2) This week you were given Election Portfolio Part I. We started on it in class. First learn about the three branches of government. Second, learn the background of the candidates running for one of the Senate seats from Ohio and the presidential candidates. Refer back to today's assignment this Website and use assignment files to print the packet off, if needed.


3) Use my Teacher Website Links page to obtain the information.


Friday, September 23, 2016

1) Continue with Election Portfolio Part I, from last week. Once you've complete these move on to Part II (Candidates stance on political Issues).

2) Part II:Candidates' Stance on Political Issues: Use the 10 Political Issues you came with in class, and then use the candidates election Website to see how each candidate stands on these issues. Use my Teacher Website Link Page to find the information. You can get Part II: Candidates' Stance on Political Issues from My Assignment files.


Thursday, October 6, 2017

1) Computer Lab 137: we started the Ad and news stories part of this project. You were assigned the Be Ad Smart packet and Media Watch Log packet to do for this part. You can get these from My Assignment Files. Make sure you follow the directions on each of these. To do these you will need to use YouTube Website, CNN Website, FOX News Website, MSNBC Website.