Social-Emotional Resources

During times of closure we are hoping to provide resources for our students and families.  Below you will find many resources but if there is something specific you are needing assistance with please reach out to a counselor via email!!


Coping strategies to deal with anxiety:



CBT Thought Diary

Coloring Book for Me

Virtual Hope Box



What You Can and Can't Control Activity

These days there is a lot out of our control! Draw two circles (like a donut) and in the inside write "Things I CAN control" and on the outside "Things I CAN'T control" and write some examples for what's in an out of your control! To deal with some of the things you can't control you can try some coping skills like coloring, exercising, playing with slime, talking to a friend, or anything that makes you feel happy and healthy!

Parents can access lessons dealing with worry and the coronavirus.  There are coloring pages, coping strategies, and a handout about the coronavirus in kid friendly terms.

Parents can access lesson plans and downloadable worksheets related to social and emotional learning.

This game uses nonverbal body language to show feelings and provides a mini discussion.

This game allows the student to pick a strategy to help their classmates.

This game allows students to interview a family member to learn what they were like at their age.

Parents can access music videos and if they turn on the discussion tab it will ask questions throughout the video.  You are able to access videos as a preview but will need to use the free trial to get other content.

This website offers free downloads on a variety of social and emotional topics.

5 simple activities to help develop social skills.