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*PowerPoint notes, announcements, assignments, study guides, due dates, etc. can be found on the Sports Medicine Google Classroom.*

In order to join the class, log in to your google account. Go to Google Classroom. Click on the "+" button and enter the code "qlz3k2x".


Course Overview

Students will learn, through instruction and hands-on learning, the multiple components of sports medicine. This includes but is not limited to the following topics: anatomy/physiology, injury prevention and evaluation, physical therapy, common sport injuries (concussion, ligament tears, muscular strains, etc.), nutrition/eating disorders, first aid and emergency response, CPR, health/wellness, professional/ethical conduct, taping and wrapping techniques, sport psychology, kinesiology and motor behavior, drug use/abuse in sport, exiting sport, and athletic training.  


Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. The importance of sports medicine, physical activity, and health
  2. Know and identity the anatomy and kinesthetic movements of the body
  3. Prevent common injuries
  4. Diagnose and treat injuries and diseases
  5. Consult with injured athletes using psychology techniques
  6. Know basic concepts, techniques, and terminology in sports medicine and in surgical procedures
  7. Create awareness for good nutrition and common eating disorder and complexes specifically for athletes
  8. Tape multiple injuries and correctly brace or splint athletes
  9. Know how to react in an emergency situation- perform first aid, CPR, and hook up an AED (defibrillator)
  10. Recognize common sports medicine equipment
  11. Represent themselves in a professional and ethical manner
  12. Work well in a team environment
  13. Be knowledgeable about the sports medicine career and its opportunities


Classroom Rules/Expectations

1. Masks MUST be worn at all times unless granted permission by me. No exceptions! You should have extra masks in your bag or in your locker.

  • Intentional vs. Accidental

    • Intentional
    1. 1st Infraction- Warning- Send name(s) to office-Phone call home

    2. 2nd Infraction- Emergency removal- phone call home

    3. 3rd Infraction- Online schooling

    • Accidental

      1. 1st Infraction- Warning

      2. 2nd Infraction- Warning- Call home

      3. 3rd Infraction- Lunch detention

      4. 4th Infraction- Detention

2. Be respectful of yourself, other people, and property

3. You will need a binder or folder for note-taking and to keep track of worksheets, handouts, tests, etc.


  1. Warning
  2. Phone in the “Unplug” box for remainder of the period
  3. Office for parent pick up

5. Cheating will not be tolerated: 1st offence-Zero for the assignment, 2nd offence-Meeting with Mr. Hirschman.

6. Absolutely no bullying or teasing of anyone

7. Do not disrupt the class

8. Attendance during class: 1 Hall Pass a week for bathroom or locker ONLY- Use a study hall or lunch to go to the guidance, attendance (unless called upon), or main office.

9. On time: Be in class before the late bell rings. Turn in all assignments on time. No late work will be accepted

10. Do not speak when the teacher or another student is speaking. Raise your hand to answer a question.

11. Come prepared with materials needed for class and with a positive attitude!

12. No complaining



New Topic Itinerary

  1. Introduction of the new unit-Typically a unit lasts 2-2.5 weeks
  2. You will receive a copy of the Power Point to fill in and/or take notes on. You will also be tested on things that I say that may not be on the Power Point of worksheets.
  3. You will be expected to take notes on a daily basis. Those who add additional notes and pay attention get the best grade in my class.
  4. Worksheets for the unit
  5. Written copy of a study guide
  6. Review game- Jeopardy, Baseball, Basketball, Trivia, Class Feud, etc.
  7. Each unit will have a test and/or project- 65% of grade (*New school district rule*)
  8. Review/make corrections on test-FUN DAY (if earned)
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