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Basketball and Fitness Class Syllabus


Teacher: Ms. Manning

School: Northwest High School

Room: Aux Gym



Google Classroom Code: vhco4zw


Class Description:  This course is designed to give students the opportunity to learn and develop fundamental and advanced basketball skills, as well as fitness concepts and conditioning techniques used for achieving optimal physical fitness. Students will learn basic fundamentals and advanced techniques of basketball, aerobic training, and overall fitness training and conditioning. This course does not count toward the required minimum credits for graduation.


Class Objective:  At the result of this class students should be able to understand and demonstrate a variety of basketball skills and show understanding in the basic rules and concepts to play a recreational game.  Also, a general understanding of the 5 components of fitness and how they relate to basketball will be demonstrated.


Classroom/Gym Expectations: 

  1. No speaking while the teacher is speaking.

  2. 1 whistle-Attention to teacher, 3 whistles-Clean Up and go to lockeroom to change

  3. Help clean up equipment at the end of class.

  4. No “horseplay”.

  5. No abuse of equipment.

  6. Profanity will not be tolerated.

  7. No food, candy, or gum. Water only.

  8. Must be in attendance lines spots 5 minutes after the late bell dressed and ready to play

  9. Must be properly dressed. This includes a t-shirt or sweatshirt, shorts or sweatpants, and tennis shoes. No hats, jewelry, sandals or boots! All school dress codes will be in full effect.

  10. Students are not allowed in locker room once class has started.

  11. Students may use the water fountain outside the athletic offices 

  12. Harassment and disrespect will not be tolerated in the locker room or during class. 

  13. Play hard, safe, fair, respectfully, and HAVE FUN!

  14. All other school rules apply


Grading Criteria:     

Written Assessment of Knowledge=150 points

The following quizzes and tests will be given throughout the semester to test the student’s basketball and fitness knowledge.

  1. Knowledge of the Basketball Court Itself= 25 points

  2. Knowledge of Game Rules and Regulations= 25 points

  3. Fitness and Conditioning Basics= 50 points

  4. Basketball Game Offensive/Defensive Strategies=  FINAL EXAM--50 p

  5. oints


Physical Assessment of Knowledge= 125 points

The following quizzes and tests will be given throughout the semester to test the student’s physical abilities.

  1. Student must demonstrate a layup= 25 points

  2. Student must demonstrate a jumpshot= 25 points

  3. Student must demonstrate basic ball-handling and passing (crossover, between the legs, behind the back)=25 points

  4. Student must demonstrate basic defensive concepts (defensive stance and slide, closeout, and a box out)= 50 points


         Attendance, Participation and Behavior= 225 points

The student must be present, properly clothed, and actively participate in games and drills to receive full credit each day. See below for more details.

  1. Participation, behavior, and classroom attendance= 5 points/day


Attendance/Participation Points: All students must be in their attendance lines 5 minutes after the late bell rings. An excused absence is not participating. Unexcused absence= -5 points, Improperly clothed= -3 points. Must have all appropriate gym clothing. No inappropriate language or gestures will be tolerated. Being late to class(Tardy) will result in -3 points.  Only excused absences may be made up.


Behavior Points= Students can lose one or more points a day based on behavior and participation in class activities.  (Example: Disrespect to self, other students, teacher, & equipment, inappropriate language, no food or gum in class, water bottles with a spill proof lid are okay, poor sportsmanship, and not participating in an activity). NO FIGHTING WILL BE TOLERATED!1st Offense= Office referral...2nd Offense=Automatic failure of the course.


Excused absences: A student can earn back their 5 points by turning in an activity make-up sheet .  Absent make-up sheets can be downloaded from the class’s Google Classroom or picked up from your teacher.  All make-up activity sheets must be turned in 1 week prior to the end of the semester. NO EXCEPTIONS! In the case of an injury, the student must present a doctor’s note. An injured student will have alternative assignments for missed work and Skills Tests.


Grading Scale:


Points (500 Total)



500-465 pts.



464-425 pts.



424-385 pts.



384-350 pts.



349-0 pts.



**This class is an elective. It is one semester long and is worth .5 credits on your transcript. A student will receive zero credits if he or she fails the course.**


Course Schedule: Subject to change at my discretion. 





Week 1/2

-Introduction to the class

-Court lines identification

-Workout Wednesday (Intro to basic fitness) 

-Basketball rules/regulations

-SLO Pre-test

-Court Diagram WS


-Fitness Knowledge WS

Week 3/4


-Shot form and skills

-Workout Wednesday

-Mikan Layup Game

-X out Layup game


-Competition Team Shooting

-Hot Shot Competition

-SKILLS TEST #1 (Layup)

-SKILLS TEST #2 (Shooting)

Week 5/6

-Ball-Handling and Passing

-Crossover, between the legs, behind the back

-Workout Wednesday

-Stationary ball-handling

-Ball-handling with movement

-Sharks and Minnows Game

-Pac Man Game
-Passing/dribbling relays

-Musical Dribble


-Dribble Tag

-50 Pass Drill

-Obstacle Course

-Tennis Ball drills

-SKILLS TEST #3 (Ball-handling/Passing)

Week 7/8

-Review Rules and regulations

-Defensive Skills (closeouts, stance, footwork, sliding)

-Defensive concepts man-to-man

-Defensive concepts for a zone

-Transition defense

-Workout Wednesday

-Rules and Regulations WS

-KNOWLEDGE TEST #2 (Rules and Regulations)

-Close Closeouts Drill

-Simon Says

-Shell Drill (Man)

-King’s Court- 1 on 1, 2 on 2,and 3 on 3

-Shell Drill (Zone)

-Miami Drill

-SKILLS TEST #4 (Defense)

Week 9/10

-Rebounding skills (footwork, boxing out, retrieving the ball, outlet pass)

-Workout Wednesday

-Dog Fight

-War Drill

-5 on 5 competitions

-SLO Post-Test

Week 11/12

-Fitness Week!

-Arms, legs, core, conditioning

-Speed and agility

-Workout Wednesday

-KNOWLEDGE TEST #3 (Basic Fitness)

-Field Day!

Week 13/14


-Workout Wednesday

-3 on 3 Tournament

-11 Man

-Steal the Bacon


-Chaos Game

Week 15/16


-Workout Wednesday

-5 on 5 Tournament

-Hot Shot Competition

-Lightning/Gotcha Game

-Steal the Bacon

Week 17/18


-Review for Final




Final Exam: Every student MUST take a final exam. Your final exam will be multiple-choice, diagram identification, true-false, and matching. It will have 50 questions and will be completed on a scantron. If you cannot take the exam due to illness, injury, or family emergency, I must be notified prior to the exam. Students will be required to present appropriate documentation for missing a scheduled exam.



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