Mr. Harbour's Class Goals

Mr. Harbour’s Class Goals

* Learn to Think

* Learn to Learn

* Learn to Evaluate & Critically Analyze Information

* Learn to Intellectually Debate and Discuss Issues

* Learn How to Look at Things from Different View Points

* Understand the world in which we live, how it became this way how/why it might change in the future.

* Better understand our US Culture, how it has evolved/changed, the many diverse aspects of it, and its impact on us as individuals in America as well its impact on the world.

*Better understand global cultures, how they differ from our own culture, the impact of US culture around the world, the impact of global cultures on the US.

* Understand why some people think & feel the way they do based on the times they grew up and lived.

* Develop personal beliefs, morals, values.

* Pass End of Course Exams (AIR Tests) to get Points towards Graduation

* Gain historical knowledge and facts