Classroom Rules & Expectations

Classroom Rules & Expectations

•The first rule of Harbour’s Classes is always TALK WHEN APPROPRIATE in Harbour’s Classes. (Translation participate in class, it will make for a more fun or at least a less painful experience, but most importantly a more educational one.)

• The fundamental and most essential rule is that everyone in the classroom treats each other with RESPECT. You don’t have to like each other or agree with each other but you should and must respect them and their thoughts, values, ideas, and opinions. That being said intellectual arguments/disagreements are welcomed and greatly encouraged. (In other words you can’t call a classmate stupid but you can call their ideas stupid as long as it is done in an intellectual manner. Put more succinctly attack the ideas not the person)

• Obscenities are not acceptable. Any statements that insult a person’s race, gender, religion, etc... etc…in anyway will be treated as an obscenity.

• The school policy on tardiness and absences will be enforced.

• Although you should come prepared for class everyday I know you always won’t and/or some days will need to leave for various reasons. Only one person can be out at a time and it will be on a first come first serve basis. Any person leaving the room must have a hall pass.

• Do not write on the desks or in anyway deface the room, furniture, or building. We have a relatively new, beautiful, temperature controlled (air conditioned) building that is a functional and positive environment to learn in and we all need to make sure it stays as such.

• ABSOLUTELY NO LARGE FOOD is permitted in the classroom because any crumbs or food related trash can very quickly lead to stains or ant problem. Drinks are only permitted in containers with spill proof lids.

• PURSES/BAGS : Permissible small purses/bags per school handbook must be stored on the floor under your desks not on top of your desk or on your lap.

Do not have any electronic devices (i.e. Cell phones, MP3 players, Video Games etc...) out in class without permission. I see or hear any such devices being used without          permission they will be confiscated. Such devices are only permitted to be used in school when given direct permission by teacher so they shouldn’t be out unless you’ve asked              me first.

• Come prepared to class every day with all needed materials and with an ATTITUDE ready to LEARN and maybe even to have a little FUN!!