Course Description

This course is designed to develop students’ analytical skills of literary genres such as poetry, nonfiction, the epic, short story, drama, and the novel. Students will analyze a variety of aspects of literature to derive meaning from their experience of literature and relate literature to their own lives. Requirements of the course will include research projects in APA style, plus various independent reading projects. The vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills needed for writing multi-paragraph essays are also enriched.

Each section will utilize various Google tools, including Google Classroom for assignments, materials, and resources.  Students can access their Google tools using their school-issued user names and passwords. 

Course Progression: ELA 9 Common Core State Standards will be mastered through the use of the following units:

1st Marking Period - Focus on argument and argument writing

2nd Marking Period - Focus on informative texts and research writing

3rd Marking Period - Focus on Shakespeare and drama

4th Marking Period - Focus on poetry, epic poetry, and the hero's journey