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Computer Applications is a one semester course using the Microsoft Office 2019 software. Industry standards are the over-all goal of this course. Applications in Microsoft Word, Access, Excel and PowerPoint are covered. Students will be able to move through the curriculum at a pace that is suitable for them. This course will be invaluable to the student now and for the remainder of their high school and college careers as well as into their professional careers.

Ohio Technology Standards and National Academic Standards for Computer Applications are the guidelines that drive the curriculum for this course as well as industry standards.

In the Business Department we utilize the following marks in the grade book:

  • X Indicates the student is exempt from the assignment/assessment
  • Z Indicates that the student has not completed and submitted the assignment but they are still able to.
  • 0 Indicates that the students has missed the deadline for completing/submitting the assignment and has received a zero.

It is the policy of the Business Department that late work is accepted up to 2 weeks from the due date without a late penalty. After that, a zero will be given and the student will not be able to make up the assignment unless extenuating circumstances have been discussed with the administrative staff at the high school and approved.

  • Google Meet Code to Join Classes

    Remote Learning Students - Please join our class each day (LIVE) while you are out of school using the code below for the period that you are in Computer Apps.

    I have listed the times that go with each period:

    Computer Applications Period 1 - 7:26 - 8:12 - Use code: boggsperiod1

    Computer Applications Period 2 - 8:15 - 9:02 - Use code: boggsperiod2

    Computer Applications Period 6/7 - 11:49 - 12: 40 - Use code: boggsperiod6

    Computer Applications Period 8 - 12:43 - 1:30 - Use code: boggsperiod8

    I will be taking attendance each day so be sure to log in and connect with your class so that you can stay on track while you are out.

  • Directions to Join Remind Class

    Please join my Remind Class using the code 

    You can also click on the link 


    Thank you!

  • Google Classroom Code


    Please use the code sejf2ec to join our Google Classroom for Computer Applications 2nd Semester of the 2020-21 school year.

    Please email me at if you experience any issues.

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