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  • Staying on Pace & Communication

    It is very important that you are following your Pace Charts for each assigned course.  Remember, if you are falling 1 - 2 weeks behind, we may request that you come into the school lab to work until you are able to catch up.  If you are to fall 3 or more weeks behind, it will be determined that this learning environment is not working for you and you will be pulled from Florida Virtual to return to the regular classroom setting. 

    Communication is the key to success in any classroom, especially a virtual one.  Make sure you are asking questions when you feel confused!  Reach out for help from myself for technical or navigational questions and your Florida Virtual Instructors for content specific/assignment related questions.  If you need help contacting your Florida Virtual teacher, please let me know so I can assist you with that step. 

    Feel free to contact me anytime with questions.  If I'm unavailable at the time, I will make sure to get back to you at my earliest convenience.

    Make it a great day!

    Mrs. Mac
    (330) 854-2205, Ext. 5117

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