What is Title I?

The mission of the Title I program is:

* To provide a child-centered, risk-free environment for students in grades K-8.

* To surround students with printed materials in a language rich environment that focuses on vocabulary development and strengthens listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills.

* To involve students in developmentally appropriate activities designed to improve academic performance by introducing readiness experiences and supplemental reinforcement/practice for basic/advanced skills.

* To provide training for all staff to ensure that research based instructional techniques and materials are available for all students.

*To utilize technology to maximize program effectiveness in the management of data and support of instruction.

* To support and facilitate interagency cooperation in order to provide programs which are holistic and child-centered.

* To integrate Title I into the school by collaborating with personnel at all levels.

* To develop partnerships between the family, school, and community which assess and address the needs of the family while providing continuous support.


Program identification criteria:

*Spring State test (AIR) scores in Reading and Math

*MAPs testing scores in Reading and Math (Fall/Winter/Spring)