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Mrs. Lori Skrjanc

Fourth & Fifth Grades Math Tutor

330-854-4646 ext. 3408


Welcome back to school!   It's exciting to be back at school and ready for the 2021 - 2022 school year!

This is my 10th year doing tutoring at Northwest Local Schools.  I begin my 11th year on November 1st.   Before that I was a substitute teacher for 9 years.  I love math and hope that as we work together I can help you to enjoy and understand math better!


I wanted to share with you some great things for you to do to keep up with your math  (practice your facts!!   Play math games!)



            (Scroll down and click on flash cards)


                       ( click to math zone)


         (Click on “games”  or “auto-scored quizzes”)

*Play games like Yahtzee, Rummikub, Phase 10, Monopoly, or Rack-O, Stratego, Checkers, or Chess.  These can help you with not only math and strategizing, but you can have fun playing them!

*draw your dream bedroom, along with its length and width.   Find the area of your dream room!    (or draw a house of rooms and find the area of the entire house)



******email Mrs. Skrjanc with your math questions.  You may need to wait a day to get an answer, but  I check my mail every day.








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