Classroom Information

3-6 Classroom Info:


Students will be evaluated using a standards based report card. All of the standards assessed for the marking period will be shown through the grade book. Students will be assessed a minimum of 3 times per standard to be given a final marking. The marks used are M (Meets grade level expectations), P (Progressing, beginning to understand concepts), or SN (Not yet demonstrating concepts, needs additional practice).

Assignment Books

**2020 I will NOT be signing books daily. Each student will need a Stinson Assignment book. This is a critical piece in your child’s education wherein he/she will continue to develop skills such as responsibility and managing their time.  Each day, students will write down the assignments in the book.  At the end of the day, I will make sure the class has all the materials needed to successfully complete their work.  I will stamp or initial each book to indicate they are ready to go!  It is important that you sign their assignment book each night, as well.  In this way, we can continue to keep the lines of communication open and help your child grow in their responsibilities.


 **2020 we will not be using group work until it is safe to do so. Continuing to practice reading and writing skills are extremely important at this grade level. Students are expected to comprehend much harder material throughout the curriculum. Students are expected to read for at least 15 minutes a night. We will use be using a variety of group based learning experiences for reading skills, including centers, literature circles, genre focused lessons, and comprehension packets over chapter books.We are the using Language Arts series called Wonders. This program allows me to help meet the needs of every student, by providing students with differentiated centers, spelling lists, writer’s workshop, stories, and a variety of other great opportunities, including technology!

My Math

            I am excited to be using the My Math series to help meet and challenge the math needs for your child. Your child will be learning to solve increasingly complex mathematical problems this year.  We will be doing many hands-on investigations in class.  They will use a variety of methods to find the solutions.  Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we do Monster Math. In addition, we play a variety of math games designed to help students grasp important concepts.

            Monster Math ~ students cannot move on to higher-level reasoning in math until they have mastered the basic facts (*, /).  Our math class will practice basic facts drills for review.  It is your child’s responsibility to memorize and master these basic facts (multiplication and division through 12)!   Please help your child study with flashcards each night.