Standards-Based Online Gradebook

Once student fees are paid, a letter will be sent home disclosing the student's User ID and password. Parents are encouraged to frequently check online grades to monitor their child's progress.

Students are assessed on how they are progressing on each of Ohio’s Learning Standards within a content area. Report cards will have at least three assessments within a particular standard and daily practice/activities will also be taken into consideration.


Report Card Key for Indicators

Marks Definition
  • Support is not required; student meets the standard
  • Minimal support required to maintain the standard
  • Support required to progress/maintain grade level standards



Daily classwork and activities are used to assess where students are based on the learning goal (standard). This work may be marked with a star, a "T" (checked together in class) and/or a fraction noting the # of correct answers over the # of possible correct answers.These assignments also help design instruction/activities to further guide students towards success.



No HW 2020-21

Homework will be completed during class so we can minimize the exchange of paperwork.


Students will write daily assignments/announcements in their assignment books and will organize materials needed for homework. The assignment books will be checked daily during the first semester to make sure students are clear on what they need to have done along with appropriate due dates.  As students become familiar with daily routines and expectations, it will be their responsibility to make sure the assignment book is up-to-date. Please be sure to sign your child's assignment book each evening.

Absent work:  Students will be given work missed in class.  They have the same number of days to complete as they were absent.

Work may be requested ahead of time by calling or emailing Mrs. Kellogg ( or 330.854.4646) and must be picked up in the office before 4PM.

Homework will be checked and marked in some way ("T" means we checked together in class or the # of correct answers over the # of possible correct answers). Most homework is started in class to address any questions your child might have. Practice is very important to maintain the concept/skills your child is working on every school day!



Students will have the opportunity to redo an assignment or assessment. Each redo must be completed within one week of original assignment. Students must be sure they have studied and are very confident in their skills to redo the work with care and precision. 

Please note that redos will not be accepted during the last week of the grading period.


Late/Missing work 

Late or missing work will be recorded as such in my gradebook notes. If there is a significant pattern, I will be sure you are notified.  When homework is not turned in, the student will typically complete the work during all or part of their recess so help can be provided when needed.  


Red Folders

Please review your child's work that comes home each week in their Red Folder

All work in the Red Folder will be marked in some way.  For example, items we do in class will have a star, a T (gone over together) or a check mark on it.  

If you notice any papers that are not marked, please make sure your child brings them to our attention.  These papers may be work that was not turned in to your child's teachers!



As always, please contact me if you have any questions. 

Thank you =)