Test-Taking Tips


Before the Test

  • Get a good night's sleep
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Have plenty of No. 2 pencils--sharpened
  • Have "silent seat work" in your desk 

Approach the test with CONFIDENCE—the tests are a chance to show what you know—and you know A LOT!!


During the Test

  • Don't let yourself become anxious
  • Take a deep breath to relax
  • Pace yourself--take your time, but make sure you complete your test
  • Click answers very carefully and be sure your answer is what you want
  • Some questions may ask you to select more than one answer--review these over carefully!


Types of Questions

Multiple Choice

  • You have to choose which ending or answer is correct
  • If you know the correct answer, carefully mark it and go to the next question.
  • When you are uncertain, eliminate the choices you know are wrong

Additional Tips

  • Look for key words!
  • Don't go against your first impulse unless you are SURE you were wrong!
  • Don't eliminate answers unless you actually know what every word means!


Essay Questions/Writing Prompts

Before you begin writing:

  • Really look at the question/prompt. Are you sure you know what it is asking?
  • Think about what you are going to say, then make a web.
  • Type your answer in complete sentences. Use descriptive language to “paint” a picture!
  • State things are clearly as you can. 


What about MATH?

  • Check your math answers for any careless mistakes--ANALYZE!
  • Your first choice is usually correct; don't change answers unless you are sure of the correction.
  • PROVE your answer is correct!

          For multi-step word problems:

  • Understand--what is being asked. Read the problem and question several times!!
  • Plan--write an equation for the math you will use to solve
  • Solve--carry out your math and CHECK over work
  • Check--analyze your computations and be sure to answer the question

When you THINK you have completed the test...

  • Take the extra time to look over EVERY question on EVERY page.  Many students have commented that they did not know they had skipped a question!
  • For computer tests, you will see skipped questions have been flagged. Go back and complete.
  • Go over the more difficult questions and read them a second time.
  • Read essays and prompts to be sure you (1) followed the prompt carefully; and, (2) used proper grammar/punctuation.


Don't let others distract you!


Stay focused! If others finish before you, don't worry! Just continue to take your time--be sure you use ALL of the time given to YOUR advantage!