Ohio's State Tests

Each day of fourth grade, your child is challenged to do his/her very best in all subject areas and will be well prepared to show what they know!


Click on images below for more information and practice!



(1) Students and Families homepage

AIR practice test

--> Student Practice Site


*  Sign in as "Guest" (green button)

*  Select "Grade 4"

*  Choose Test to practice

*  "Settings" page (no changes)

* Scroll down to Select --> Begin Now



This site gives you a short test to practice with. Some questions will require you to select one answer; others may require you to type a short answer, move objects, or complete another type of open-ended task.






(2) Tutorial for Sign-in and Navigation

This site will take you through the different screens you will see on test day.

Compass Graphic


(3) Tutorial for Tools

This site will guide you through the tools you will have access to during the test.


Photograph of Testing Directions Icons