Fourth Grade instructional time will focus on three critical areas:

(1) developing an understanding of and fluency with multi-digit multiplication, and developing an understanding of division to find and interpret quotients involving multi-digit dividends;

(2) developing an understanding of fraction equivalence, addition and subtraction of fractions with like denominators, and multiplication of fractions by whole numbers;

(3) understanding that geometric figures can be analyzed and classified based on their properties, such as having parallel sides, perpendicular sides, particular angle measures, and symmetry.



Mathematical Practices

Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

Keep trying!

I solve problems without giving up.

Reason abstractly and quantitatively.

Think about math!

I think about numbers in many ways.

Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.

Talk about math!

I explain my thinking and try to understand.

Model with mathematics.

Model math!

I show my work in a variety of ways.

Use appropriate tools strategically.

Use math tools!

I use math tools and tell why I chose them.

Attend to precision.

Check your work!

I work carefully and check my work for accuracy.

Look for and make use of structure.

Look for patterns!

I use what I know to solve new problems.

Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.

Look for shortcuts!

I solve problems by looking for rules and patterns.






Numbers & Operations in Base Ten

·    Generalize place value understanding for multi-digit numbers.

·    Use place value understanding and properties of operations to perform       multi-digit arithmetic.

Number Monster

Rounding Off

Hangman Rounding

One False Move

Mystery Picture

Rounding Flashcards

Place Value Hockey

Place Value Millionaire

Mystery Numbers


Operations & Algebraic Thinking

·  Use the four operations with whole numbers to solve problems.

·  Gain familiarity with factors and multiples.

·  Generate and analyze patterns.


All skills organized within Common Core Stanards.

Mr. Nussbaum’s Math Lab

Power Football

Interactive Multiplication Grid

Math Mayhem

Operation Order

Bracket Basics

Math Cats

Factors & Multiples

Multiplication Arrays

Thinking Blocks

Make Arrays




Numbers & Operations - Fractions

·  Extend understanding of fraction equivalence and ordering.

·  Build fractions from unit fractions by applying and extending previous      understandings of operations on whole numbers.

·  Understand decimal notation for fractions and compare decimal            fractions.

Fraction Puzzle

Mixed # to Improper Fraction

Fraction Games!

Intergalactic Space Games

Pizza Fractions

Equivalent Fraction Match

Fraction of a Set

Simplify Fractions

Fraction Frenzy

Ordering Fractions

Death to Decimals

EZ Fractions





Measurement & Data

·    Solve problems involving measurement and conversion of measurements       from a larger unit to a smaller unit.

·    Represent and interpret data.

·    Geometric measurement: understand concepts of angles and measuring     angles.

Soda Jerk

Pour to Score

Isometric Drawing

Measure It

Area + Perimeter

Fill the Box




The Data Bank

Create a Graph

Elapsed Time

Bang on Time

Alien Angles

Measuring Angles




·         Draw and identify lines and angles.

·         Classify shapes by properties of their lines and angles.

Angle Definitions

Line Game

Quadrilateral Game

Geometric Figures

Congruent Games

Angle Sort 1

Angle Sort 2

Hit the Target

Fruit Picker Angles


Mirror Game

Symmetry Game

Solids and Nets