This year, your child will continue to receive a standards-based report card that uses an M, P, and SN reporting system that  monitors student progress through:

  • Informal assessments
  • Written responses
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Other performance activities

These standards are considered critical for student success, and specific standard statements help to more  CLEARLY DEFlNE EXPECTATIONS WHEN reporting academic achievement,  teachers will use the following ratings:

Grades are Standards-based:
SN -support required to progress/ maintain the standard
P    -minimal support required to maintain the standard
M   -support not required; meets the standard


SunGard is an online grading system that parents can access from any computer. Parents will be able to access their child’s grades, attendance, and any assignment information by utilizing SunGard. Report cards will be sent home with students. It is highly recommend parents check their child’s progress weekly by utilizing SunGard. The marks M (Mastered), P (Progressing), and SN (Support Needed) will be used to keep you informed of your child's progress.  

Assignments will be stamped, marked with a t (representing we checked the assignment together), or the number of correct points over the total number of points.

Re-dos-Students will be given the opportunity to re-do assignments to guarantee understanding of the standard(s). Re-dos must be completed within one week of the assigned date. Full credit will be given for the re-dos and the higher mark will be posted on SunGard. Please note there are no re-dos during the last week of the grading period.                    

    **Errors do happen. If you notice any errors with your child's grades on SunGard please contact the subject teacher immediately. We can usually identify the error and make adjustments instantly.

Standards-Based Report Card-Students will be assessed a minimum of 3 times per standard. There will be a certain number of standards covered each grading period. By the end of the school year, all the fourth grade standards will have been covered. The marks M (Mastered), P (Progressing), and SN (Support needed) will be used to keep you informed of your child's progress.