4th Grade  

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You can submit your child's artwork in the submit tab of the lesson.  You will have to take a picture of your child's artwork, upload it, and then save it on your computer. Once you have it on your computer you can then click on the submit tab in the lesson. 

You can also choose to submit the artwork on the Artsonia website or the Artsonia app.  The easiest and most direct is to use the app. on your phone or tablet.


1st Assignment: is "Monochromatic Portrait".  It is in two videos because it was too large to upload as one.

1/2 of a piece of computer copy paper like 4 x 6 (sort of)
pencil and eraser
colored pencils (if have)
water-based markers (like Crayola, Crazy Art, or another brand) if have

2nd Assignment: is "Homemade Salt Clay" I am still creating videos.

1 cup Flour
1/2 cup Salt
1/3 cup water
Large bowl
large spoon
newspaper or cookie tray to work on
food coloring


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