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W.S. Stinson Elementary:  (330) 854-4646

Email:  block.s@northwest.sparcc.org


 Online Google Classrooms started APRIL 6th for each of my art classes by the Homeroom Teachers Name. Your child will need to go into their Google Classroom and join my class with their class code.  Each class has their own code so enter the code that is next to their homeroom teachers name below:

3rd Grade:             Join Code:
3-1 Mrs. Gilson       yx5aoi5
3-2 Mrs. Young         a7xdkzf  
3-3 Mrs. Barnett       3gvkuxt  
3-4 Mrs. Naugle       

3-6 Mrs. Roesel        aiy4eeb 


4th Grade:             Join Code:
4-1 Mrs. Traganza      w7yrfjl
4-2 Mrs. Baldwin          xpoknsq 
4-3 Mrs. Pellikan          yhqnggw 
4-4 Mr. Archinal            yf7a26u

4-5 Mrs. McCulligan     pol3s5f 
4-6 Mrs. Lenardos        zwpq252


5th Grade:             Join Code:
5-1 Mrs. Fisk          mcpwczw
5-2 Mrs. Manns        rhjca6l 
5-3 Mrs. Brunner      ki3jh3i 
5-4 Mr. Kurz             cjlaavn 

5-5 Mrs.Boso           rshtwuh 
5-6 Mrs. Lower        nixmcen


Upload your child's artwork.

 In Google Classroom there is an "Artwork Submission Google Form" for each Project. It needs to be filled out and a picture of your child's artwork attached as a file in it. Then you click the submit button at the bottom of the file.


In Artsonia you have a choice to upload on the free website or from a mobile device using the free Artsonia app.

1.Artsonia website to upload your child's artwork.
First, you need to take a picture of your child's artwork and then upload it onto your computer.
Then you need to go into the Artsonia website

This Artsonia link (the image of artsonia below) will take you to a login page. You just have to click on the image.
Then you will choose the "students" tab by clicking on it and type in our access code.

If you don't know our access code please email me(block.s@northwest.sparcc.org)
Artsonia Icon

2. Artsonia app. on your phone or tablet this is the easiest way.
Install app. from devices store It is FREE
touch colorful icon app.
touch "Students"
touch Keyboard Icon bottom left or scan QR code in the Steam on Google Classroom
If touch keyboard Icon then type in access code
(If you don't know our access code please email me block.s@northwest.sparcc.org)
touch grade level
touch Teacher
Touch Your child's name and in there, touch   +  add artwork
touch title of the artwork you are going to take a picture of and a menu will pop up touch "Take New Photo" you now have your camera. Take picture touch "use Photo"  then touch next top right and last top right submit.


I added emails to Artsonia so they can contact you if you haven't given consent yet. After you give permission you will receive all my eNewsletters, your child's art lessons, and you can send me their artwork. 


Thank you for helping your child create from home. Please email me with any questions, concerns, or just to let me know you are there.





Box Tops for Education Graphic  

Click on image and enter our zip code:  44614 
Then Click on our school to see our earnings.

Please remember to save and have your children bring in your Box Tops to the Stinson art room. Box Tops money funds all our art supplies; painting canvases, acrylic paints, brushes, tempera paints, printmaking supplies, 10 reams of drawing paper, drawing supplies, reams of colored construction paper, glue guns, fancy scissors, clay, glazes, papier-mache paste, etc....  The more box tops collected at Stinson the more art materials we can afford.  Last year I was able to purchase canvases for all 5th graders to paint an acrylic "Rainbow Bird". I would like to continue a canvas painting project with the 5th graders every year. 

Thank-you! I appreciate all your support for our arts program and our school's online gallery.

Yours Truly,

Mrs. Block


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