Classroom Discipline

Classroom Rules and Discipline Plan



1.  Respect one another and the property of the school

2.  Be responsible and follow directions

3.  Be honest

4.  Be safe

Discipline Plan

In the classroom, I use a ticket system to monitor classroom behavior.  The students will be given a free ticket for each day of the week, for example...if it is a five day week, the students will earn 5 free tickets on Monday.  If it is a four day week, the students will earn 4 free tickets on the first day of the school week.  The students have the opportunity to earn extra tickets throughout the week.  They may earn tickets by following the rules, working nicely with a partner, walking quietly down the hall, showing responsibility, and being an overall positive role model.  There are numerous ways for the students to earn tickets, however, they can also lose tickets at any time for not following the rules.  Every other week, the students will have the chance to use their tickets to purchase items from the classroom treasure box!  The students are responsible for keeping their own tickets...lost tickets will not be replaced. :(