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Math Quests

Math Quests are an oral presentation activity that allows students to learn independent research skills, public speaking and a few things they might not already know about Math!  I am hoping to assign a Math Quest about once every six weeks or so. 

Students must present to the class in order to receive the Math Quest grade. 

Acceptable presentation means that they do not read their information, but they tell us what they have learned.  (Students may use note cards.)

Students must have a visual aid - bring pictures or posters they’ve made, video clips (no full movies, please) or other creative ways to share their learning with the class. 

Presentations should be about 4 to 6 minutes each to be sure each student is able to present.  I strongly suggest that the students practice their presentation in order to keep to the 4 to 6 minute guideline.

There will also be a couple of minutes for other students to ask questions – be ready to answer them!

This activity is designed to be an exciting way for students to study a topic of interest and share what they’ve learned with their peers.

A Few More Things to Know About Math Quests:

Timing:  please practice your Math Quest so you are presenting for 3-5 minutes.  I will also allow for 1-2 minutes for questions.

Google slides:  if you use Google Slides for your presentation, please share it with me at  Logging on each student is taking way too much time.

Visual Aids: 

  1. May be dropped off on the day of your Math Quest.
  2. Must go home on the day of your Math Quest.
  3. Any visual aids must be readable from all parts of the classroom.
  4. PowerPoint/Slides and posters are only 2 options.  Mobiles, skits, real life artifacts,… the list is wide open! 

Presentation:  Please, do not read to us!  You may refer to your poster, slides, etc.  We are quite capable of reading them.

Notecards do not need to be turned in to me.


  1. Food is not considered a visual aid.
  2. Food does not affect your grade in any way.
  3. Please provide napkins.
  4. Food must be individually served and/or wrapped.

Photos:  I may or may not take photos of you during your presentation.  If your parents would like to have any photos I do take, they need to sign up for Remind (see my homepage).  Photos may be forwarded to the Northwest Facebook page.

Math Quest Topics

Please be sure to get permission from me before researching a topic not on this list.  Also, be advised that you will only be allowed to research any topic once during 3rd, 4th and 5th Gifted Math.  This way, your research will expand over different topics.


The following are general topics (you DO NOT have to choose from this list!)  You must show how Math relates to your topic.

Show how your topic could NOT EXIST without Math!

  1.   Sports
  2.   Nature
  3.   Music
  4.   Art
  5.   Computers / technology
  6.   Geometry
  7.   Surveys
  8.   Find your exact age
  9.   Taking care of a pet
  10.   Earth’s landforms
  11.   Architecture
  12.   Current events
  13.   Solar system / Earth
  14.   Fashion design
  15.   Video games (no M rated)
  16.   Your weight on other planets
  17.   Plan a meal
  18.   Start a pizza shop
  19.   Favorite movie (no R rated)
  20.   How would you spend $1 million
  21.   The binary system
  22.   History of mathematical symbols
  23.   Polygons
  24.   Angles
  25.   Months of the year
  26.   Roman numerals
  27.   Range, mode, median, mean
  28.   Prime and composite numbers
  29.   Order of operations
  30.   Fractions
  31.   Poetry
  32.   The stock market
  33.   Mazes
  34.   Exponents
  35.   Probability
  36.   Properties of addition / multiplication
  37.   Graphs
  38.   US customary measurement
  39.   Metric measurement
  40.   Circles
  41.   Coordinate grids / points
  42.   Organized lists
  43.   Decimals
  44.   Money
  45.   3-D shapes
  46.   History of numbers
  47.   Other number systems
  48.  Farming

Are there any other topics you think should be on this list?  Let me know!


Math Quest Grade

Students will be graded on:  presentation, content, logical order of ideas, visual aid, speaking, and Q&A.  They will receive a rubric and a due date when they choose their quest.


Presentation Presentation should be well researched, stay within 3-5 minutes  
  Wow! Good OK Poor Inc.   Points _____  
Content Presentation should include key words and concepts, with explanations for the audience
  Wow! Good OK Poor Inc.   Points _____  
Order Student will use a logical order, easy to follow, with a good overview and transitions
  Wow! Good OK Poor Inc.   Points _____  
Visual Aid Visual aid(s) relate to and explain the topic, keep the  audience's interest  
  Wow! Good OK Poor Inc.   Points _____  
Speaking Clear, well paced, well modulated, good eye contact, well rehearsed, little need for notes
  Wow! Good OK Poor Inc.   Points _____  
Q&A Answers correctly, expands, explains        
  Wow! Good OK Poor Inc.   Points _____  
          Total points: _____________ out of 24
Wow = 4 Did a great job, went above and beyond expectations    
Good = 3 Did a very good job, met expectations        
OK = 2 Did the minimum required for the project        
Poor = 1 Did less than what was required for the project      
Inc. = 0 Incomplete, missing from the project