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Mr. Staats


Course Requirements & Classroom Procedures


Course Content                                 

Street Law is an elective course   designed to give students a general understanding of the law and how it impacts their lives.   Students will study all aspects of law, including juvenile, criminal, and tort law.  Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive  credit toward graduation.


Materials Needed

There will not be a textbook issued for this class.  Students will be issued notes for each chapter.  Bring your notebook, paper, and pen to class DAILY



Student progress will be measured through point accumulations in homework, participation, and tests.  The school grading scale will be used in determining grades. During the final week of each grading period, students will take a nine-week comprehensive exam, which will cover the work of the entire grading period.  The exam “stands alone” and is counted as a test grade.


You are expected to be in your seat with materials ready when the period begins WITHOUT BEING TOLD!  If you are late, a written excuse from the teacher or other adult by whom you were detained must be presented. 

Unexcused tardiness will not be tolerated.  Beginning with the fourth offense, detentions will be given for every subsequent (unexcused) tardy.  While your slate will be cleared at the end of each semester, excessive tardiness can be considered truancy, which could lead to more serious consequences.

You are expected to complete any work missed – due to absence.  The time given to make up missed assignments is equal to the time absent.  (For example, if you are absent three school days, you will have the next three school days in which to make up the missing work.)

Remember to turn in all work for full credit.  Arrangements to make up quizzes, tests, and homework are YOUR responsibility.  Failure to make up work will result in an automatic “0”.  Tests and quizzes will not be made up during class unless this is the only alternative.

Audio-Visual Materials

From time to time we will watch videos pertaining to what we are

studying in class.  During the presentation of audio-visual

materials, you are expected to watch and not talk, sleep, write notes, do homework, or engage in any other disgusting activity.


  1. You are expected to pay attention.  EDUCATION IS NOT A SPECTATOR SPORT. Learning increases only if you are involved.  Resting you head on your desk does not “help you concentrate” – it only helps you to fall asleep!  Keep your head up!!
  2. Students will treat all present in the class with dignity, courtesy, and respect.  Rude or disruptive behavior is unacceptable.
  3. Be professional!  Any abusive language, insubordination, sexual harassment, obscene gestures or inappropriate actions will not be tolerated.
  4. Please do not work on homework for another class in this class.  It will be taken and not returned.
  5. Do not bring your “whole locker’ to class.  Bring only what is needed and keep your hands and feet off of other people’s stuff.  DO NOT rearrange the desks.
  6. Writing should be done on paper, not on the surface of any piece of classroom furniture.
  7. There will be no sitting on desktops.
  8. Drinks, candy, snacks, and gum are not allowed in class.  Cell phones and/or any electronic devices will be confiscated if they pose a distraction. (Looking at them during class time is a distraction!!!!!)  Due to the high-tech nature of some electronic devices, looking at them may also be considered cheating.
  9. Students are expected to remain in their seats until dismissed by the teacher.
  10. Teacher Only” areas in the classroom include the teacher’s desk and podium area.  Please get permission before taking something from these areas.  Just because they are open or unlocked does not mean that you have permission to “borrow” the contents therein.

Restroom & Locker Requests

Permission to leave the room will be given on a case-by-case basis.  Always come prepared to “stay for the duration.”


Please use the following format for all assignments:

John Doe

Street Law                Date___________  Period_________

All homework should be completed with an honest effort by the beginning of the period on the date due. Homework not finished by this time will be considered incomplete and by receive only partial credit.  It is your responsibility to bring your work with you at the time it is due.  You will not be permitted to retrieve homework from your locker.


Homework is not optional!  Students are obligated to complete homework, regardless of whether credit is earned or forfeited.  You choose whether you want to be rewarded for your hard work!


The Social Studies Department Homework Policy is as follows: Unexcused late homework will be accepted for three days after the due date for partial credit to be determined by the teacher.  If an assignment is submitted after the three day limit, it will receive a score of “0” unless the teacher determines that extenuating circumstances merit a reconsideration. 

Cheating is WRONG & will be handled according to school policy.

Copying homework done by another student is cheating!  Individual homework assignments should be completed individually!  Homework is given to reinforce what has been taught.  If you choose to allow another student to copy your homework, you are a “partner in crime” and will suffer the same consequences as your accomplice.

Please refer to the school handbook concerning the seriousness of this offense.

  • Street Law Announcement

    Please use the Street Law folder to access notes and assignments if you would like to work ahead during our extended break.  I have included a couple of links to Kahoots! covering the first eight chapters for you to review. 


    Any assignments can be emailed to me at 

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