Behavior Plan

All students will have a behavior calendar in their binder. It needs to be initialed by a parent each night. There will also be a communication page in the binder where I will be able to keep you updated on specific choices made throughout the day. You will have a place to respond to my comments as well. The following are the definitions of the color scale:

Pink- AWESOME DAY!/Treasure Box!


Blue- Great Job

Green- Ready to learn

Yellow- Warning

Orange- Miss 15 minutes of recess or centers

 Red- Teacher’s choice

              Each student will start on Green daily. If a bad choice is made, the student will move his/her clip down (to yellow). Each bad choice requires that they move their clip down. However, for every exceptional choice made the student will move their clip up. The only time that a student cannot move their clip up is if they are already on red. If your child comes home on Green please know that this is a good day! The students will rarely achieve purple and pink days. If a pink day is achieved, the student will get to put a gem on their clip and pick out of the treasure box!

Thank you for your cooperation. I look forward to working with you and your child this year!