Class Schedule


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8:35 - School day begins

8:40-9:30 Math Instruction

9:30-10:15 Fundations Lessons/Heggerty

10:20-10:40 Restroom/Snack Time/Mask Breaks

10:40-11:20 SPECIALS (Art, Music, PE)

11:20-12:10 Language Arts (reading/writing)

12:40-1:30 – Lunch and Recess

1:35-2:00 Restroom Break/Silent Reading

2:00-3:00 Science and Social Studies

3:15 - Dismissal/Bus Call 



This year Art and Music classes will be held in our classroom.  The art and music teacher will travel to classrooms to deliver instruction.  PE will be held in the gym and masks will be required.  Unfortunately, there will be NO LIBRARY this year.  The schedule for specials will follow a rotation:

Week of August 24th:  Art

Week of Sept. 1st: PE

Week of Sept. 8th: MUSIC

Students will have the same special every day for an entire week.  The specials will rotate each week.  I will inform you of what special our class will have for the week on my weekly newsletters.