Classroom Behavior Procedures

Classroom Behavior Plan

Know the Rules Graphic

1.  Follow directions quickly

2.  Raise your hand to talk

3.  Stay in your seat while the teacher is teaching

4.  Make smart choices

5.  Keep your dear teacher happy 

We will be using the rainbow clip chart for our behavior plan this year.  In a nutshell, every student will have their own clothes pin clipped to the color green (ready to learn) on our rainbow chart at the start of every day.  Each student will be given equal opportunities to move up or down the chart depending on their behaviors.  When students are doing their best and modeling great behaviors and expectations, they will be asked to move their clip up to blue, purple and then pink.  If students are not following classroom expectations, they will be asked to move their clip down to yellow, orange and then red. 

At the end of every school day, students will color in their behavior calendar located in their student binder to indicate the color they are on.  Student’s that end on orange or red will lose a privilege such as recess, special or other fun activity that week.  At the end of the week, any student who has earned all green or above will earn a special treat. As a bonus, any student who reaches the top of the rainbow chart will immediately earn a special gem to place on their clip.  If a student earns 4 gems they will be awarded a free ice cream treat.  Please review and sign your child’s behavior chart daily.  Keep the calendar in your child’s binder at all times.