Classroom Rules

Come to class ready to learn!

Operate the equipment properly and give care to all components (headphones, mouse etc…)  Report problems immediately.

Make sure you close all windows, log out and push in your chair when you leave.

Print ONLY with permission.

Use only the computer you are assigned to. 

The desktop picture, screensavers and other settings on your computer should be left alone.

Eating and drinking are NOT allowed at your computer.  NO CANDY OR GUM!

Remember to be safe on the Internet. Don’t give out personal information. Don’t access non-school e-mail accounts and NO DOWNLOADS!  If something inappropriate pops up on your screen close out of it, inform Mrs. Newton and get back to work!

Learning is a technology priority.  Keep your eyes on your screen and don’t bother people sitting around you.  They are trying to get their work done!

Always use your computer class time wisely. Getting assignments/projects done on time!



Consequences for not following classroom rules:

 *  Warning

 * Write computer lab rules

 * Student will write a letter to parent or guardian about behavior

 * Detention