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All assignments and materials will be posted in Google Classroom.  As a parent,  you can view through your child's Google Classroom -Technology Resource Class. 

Please join Remind.  I will post weekly agendas and important information for parents. The code was sent home with students on Monday, 1/10/22

Please initial and sign the Course Syllabus and return by Friday, 1/14/22

Google Classroom Codes:

  • 1st period code      ixycclz

  • 2nd period code     4wyvznu

  • 3rd period code      pab32il

  • 4th period code       a2wphrk

  • 5/7th period code   avvb3jk

  • 9th period code       5kiqkwa

  • End of School Year

    I want to thank you for all your support this semester.   I have really enjoyed working with you and your child.  I can't wait to see what this 7th grade group accomplishes in the future.  I want to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer break.   

  • May 16th-20th

    Weekly Agenda

  • Restaurant Project

     Students began working on the Restaurant Project last week.  All instructions are posted in Google Classroom.  The due date for the project is Friday, May,  5/20/22.  I  will also be available during FLEX time to help students and they may come to my classroom to work on the project.  Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns.  There will be no Skill Folder this week.  

  • Week May 9th-13th

    Weekly Agenda

  • Week of May 2nd-6th

    Weekly Agenda

  • Weekly Agenda April 25th-29th

    Weekly Agenda

  • Weekly Agenda April 18th-22nd

    Weekly Agenda

  • Weekly Agenda April 11th-15th

    Weekly Agenda

    Your child will be tracking their digital and non digital activities.  Please remind your child to fill out the digital habits journal every day.   It is due on Thursday.  Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Update 4/5/22

    Tech Resource class is still working on Digital Citizenship, so there will be no weekly folder this week. Please remind your child to study for the short cut test. The test will be given on Thursday. 

  • Week of April 4th-8th

    Weekly Agenda

  • Shortcut Assessment #1

    Studyguide   Shortcut Assessment-  Thursday, 4/7/22  Students can practice using Quizizz which is posted in Google classroom.  There is also a copy of the studyguide posted in Classroom.

  • Week of March 21st- 25th

    Weekly Agenda

  • Week of March 14th-18th

    Weekly Agenda

  • Week of March 7th-11th

    Weekly Agenda

  • Week of February 28th- March 4th

    Weekly Agenda

  • Week of February 21st - 25th

    Weekly Agenda

  • Week of February 14th-18th

    Weekly Agenda 

  • Important update- 2/10/22

    Important update-  Vision board brainstorm,  Google Draw- Vision Board,  and Hour of Code Outbreak are due tomorrow at the end of the day.  I will be entering Z's in HAC for missing assignments This will impact your child's grade.  Currently, I have a blank,  this does not impact your child's grade.  Your child will have class time today and tomorrow to work on these assignments.  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

  • Week of February 4th-11th

    Weekly Agenda

    History of Computers Webquest has moved to an Enrichment Assignment, which means students should not be working on it unless all their assignments are done and no Z's in HAC.  

  • Week of January 31st- February 4th

    Weekly Agenda

  • 1/27/22 Update

    Due to snow/cold day,   I am moving "catch up day"  to Monday.  Currently all grades are in HAC.  If your child has a Z in HAC, it is not completed.  When they finish  or redo an assignment,  I have asked them to send me an email so I can regrade it.  Have a great rest of the week.

  • Weekly Agenda 1/24/22- 1/28/22

    Weekly Agenda

  • HAC update- 1/22/22

    I have the  HAC updated with grades. If your child has no grade for Hour of Code, and it is not completed by Tuesday, I will put a Z into HAC.  If your child has a score less than 12, your child did not have all bright green. Please have them go back in and fix and send me an email that they have fixed it. Your child used too many blocks. I have All About Me Presentations graded. If you have a blank in HAC, it is not done or your child needs to fix it. I have provided comments in their Classroom Assignment. Please remind your child to fix the presentation and turn it back in.

  • Update- 1/20/22

    MPORTANT Weekly update-  Due to the snow day,  Google Slides and Hour of Code are due Monday, 1/24/22. If you have been absent, you will have extended time to complete. All 3 assignments are listed in Classroom under Classwork in Week#1.  I will be entering these into HAC this weekend. If you have a Z in HAC,  it needs completed. There are still students who have not taken the Tech Survey and not turned in their signed course syllabus. Please see the substitute for course syllabus.  If you have any questions, please email me. Have a great weekend.

  • Week of January 18th- 21st

    Weekly Agenda

  • Parent Survey

    Parent Survey Link

  • Course Syllabus

    Technology Resource Course Syllabus

  • Weekly Agenda 1/10/22-1/14/22

    Weekly Agenda

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