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Shawn Braman

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We have been discussing the importance of a school district developing strategic plans to provide direction for the next five years. We believe that strategic planning could help an excellent school district reach even higher levels of success. Throughout the next few months, we will begin to work on a long-term plan to improve curriculum, facilities, technology, safety, finances, transportation costs, enrollment, school report card, and anything else that defines who we want to be.

I am super excited to work with school board members, teachers, parents, community members, and most importantly, students to create long-term goals for Northwest Local Schools.

Here are the noteworthy dates as we begin our own Strategic Planning:

2.7.22 School Board Work Session 7:00 pm at the Central Office. SWOT Activity (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Problems)

2.16.22 Administrative Team Meeting 9:30 am at the School Board Office SWOT Activity (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Problems)

2.23.22 Staff Meeting to discuss Strategic Planning HS/ MS 2:30 – 3:30 at Northwest High School Cafe Stinson/ Primary 3:45 – 4:45 at Stinson Cafe A survey will be distributed the next day to all faculty and staff.

2.23.22 Key Communicators to discuss Strategic Planning at NWHS at 6:00 pm. 2.24.22 ZOOM meeting at 10:00 am with parents for those unable to attend. Survey given out to all parents after the meetings.

3.1.22 We will begin to review the surveys throughout the month of March to prepare and share the info gathered with the school board. 4.7.22 Community Meeting (Community Leaders) at 7:00 at NWHS.

4.14.22 Student Meeting with LEAD Group at noon in NWHS library.

5.3.22 Board Office meeting to collect all of the information gathered to prepare to present to the school community. We will continue to communicate this progress with the School Board.

6.2.22 Administrative Team Meeting at 12:40 at NWHS. We review the results and objectives within each department. We discuss the entire process. We distribute the action steps for all leaders. We edit and tune the final product and final documents at this meeting and after to present at the next school board meeting.

6.27.22 We present Strategic Plan for the next 5 years at the School Board meeting at NWHS. Just as important as sharing our plans at the June 27 School Board Meeting, we open the 2022-2023 school year with all faculty and staff sharing goals, vision, and objectives for the Strategic Plan. We develop a monthly checklist for each leader and each objective. As we reach each milestone we use our newsletter, email, and social media to promote our progress with community leaders, parents, and students!

These plans will help guide our district for the next five years and that is a very good thing! Our direction and the communication that helps all of us grow together will enable our students to learn at higher and higher levels. I am excited to see our plans develop as we continue to grow together.


Shawn Braman


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