Strategic Plan


Northwest Local School District: A premier learning organization – THE gateway to opportunities


We educate, motivate and inspire each student to achieve his or her highest potential.

Core Values

As we strive to attain our Vision and go about the work in our Mission, we are committed and bound to the following values:

  • An active partnership with parents and community
  • Honesty and integrity in all we do
  • Respecting tradition while looking to the future
  • Equipping educators with the means to provide dynamic learning experience
  • Continuous learning and improvement
  • Respecting the worth and dignity of each individual, creating a safe learning environment
  •  Equal and diverse educational opportunities for all students to prepare them to be competitive in a global market
  •  An environment that reflects our community values and enhances the development of the whole individual


Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priority:             Student Preparedness

Goal:  Through academic and character development, each student will be prepared for future success.


Strategic Priority:             Professional Development 

Goal:  All staff will have the professional development and training necessary to ensure student success.


Strategic Priority:            Resources: Human, Material, Financial

Goal:   We will make fiscally responsible decisions that optimize resources in order to deliver a premier educational experience.



Key Strategies

1.     Create a comprehensive system or structure to deploy ongoing K-12 articulation and curriculum alignment with related professional development activities.

2.     Create a Technology Assessment, Acquisition Maintenance and Training Program.

3.     Create and implement a timeline and process for restoring academic, co- and extra-curricular options.

4.     Create a comprehensive Communication Plan.

5.     Create and implement a Student Development Plan.

6.     Strengthen current, and develop new, active community partnerships.

7.     Create a program that increases employee satisfaction and addresses employee wellbeing.