Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

This year we selected Jaimie Bender to receive the Stark County’s 2016 People of Character Award for Northwest Primary. Mrs. Bender has been a very actively involved volunteer for the past five years at Northwest Primary School. For the past four years, Mrs. Bender has volunteered to design, coordinate, and make elaborate costumes for the first grade musicals.   

She spends countless hours researching costume needs that stay well within the budget.  More importantly, Mrs. Bender spends hours of her own personal time sewing and making costumes such as poodle skirts, jazz dresses, blouses, shirts, etc. She also orchestrates a team effort of parents to help her size each child, label their outfits, and organize in bags and baskets for the classroom teachers.

For two of these past four years, she took this huge undertaking of costume designing without having any children in the program. Mrs. Bender represents the best of parent involvement, volunteerism, and love for children that truly has made a positive difference in our school community.


Your Principal.

Mr. LaRiccia