"Right to Read" Reading Contest Kickoff

Last Updated: 8/26/2021 3:26 PM

 "Right to Read" Reading Contest Kickoff  - 9/13/2021 Northwest Primary Reading Club…The Northwest Primary Reading Club starts during the week of September 17th.  Our theme this year is Pig the Pug Our goals are to promote family reading time, encourage visits to the Canal Fulton Public Library and instill the love of reading. 

During the week of September 13th, each day will have a theme promoting reading.   Miss Jennie will be visiting classrooms to explain the club guidelines and pass out the reading logs. Students who meet monthly reading goals will receive reading charms and those who reach their year-end goal will receive the official reading club t-shirt (awarded for reading 2,400 minutes).  

The entire school will be reading with the hope of reaching the goal of 1,400,000 minutes.  If the goal is reached, Dr. LaRiccia will wear a  Pig the Pug costume on the last day of school. Students can watch the progress of their class on the bulletin board down by the library.  Classroom totals will be displayed on the bulletin board outside the library.