Party Day Procedures

Last Updated: 9/14/2018 8:15 PM

Classroom parties usually take place the last hour of the school day and are, for the most part, planned by the room parents through the building’s parent/teacher organization. For security purposes, visitors must register with the classroom teacher at least one week before the scheduled party. A MAXIMUM OF SEVEN VISITORS (besides room parents) will receive passes.  Due to the carpet, food and beverages (excluding water) are not permitted in the classrooms. Treats can be bagged and sent home, or a portion of the party can take place in the cafeteria, as scheduling allows.

It is requested that birthday treats not be brought to a child’s classroom.  To avoid classroom interruption, please bring birthday treats to the office and they will be sent to the child’s classroom for distribution during lunch.

It is also requested that parents not send outside party invitations to school when the entire group is not invited.  Outside parties need to be arranged from the home.  To protect privacy, the school will not issue class rosters with phone numbers or addresses.