College Credit Plus (cc+) Program

Last Updated: 8/30/2022 5:45 PM

Northwest High School will hold a CCP Information Session on December 1st 2022 for all students interested in the College Credit Plus program for the 2023-24 school year. 

COLLEGE CREDIT PLUS AT NORTHWEST HIGH SCHOOL - College Credit Plus (CCP) classes at Northwest High School are courses in which students may earn both high school credit and college credit. CCP classes are taught by Northwest High School teachers who have been approved by a local college or university for adjunct professor status. These classes follow a specified college syllabus which meets both college curriculum goals and high school graduation standards. Students should talk with their school counselor for more information. Students may qualify by meeting entrance guidelines of the selected university or college which includes:

• filling out the university’s or college’s online application.

• meeting the university’s or college’s GPA requirement.

• taking and meeting the scoring standard set by the university or college on the ACT or Accuplacer (dependent on which standardized test is accepted by the university or college).

There is a deadline of April 1st to submit CCP applications and test scores. Please reference the Student Services website 

Note: If a student receives a failing grade at the end of the college course or if the student withdraws from or drops the college course after the drop deadline set by the university or college, the student/parent is financially obligated to pay for the course and textbook.

Classes offered at Northwest High School include:



Quantitative Reasoning (QR)


College and Career Success Skills

English Composition I

English Composition II




Cultural Diversity



Political Science

Business Administration



COLLEGE CREDIT PLUS AT A COLLEGE CAMPUS* -  This program makes available to students the option to earn credit towards high school graduation as well as college credit by attending, on a full-time or part-time basis, any state-assisted college or university issued by the Ohio Board of Regents. Students must complete an application and be accepted by the college. Grades become part of the high school grade point average. Steps to follow when enrolling in College Credit Plus courses:

1. Students and parents must attend the College Credit Plus information meeting in December to discuss the program and how it might fit with educational and personal goals. Individual Counseling/ CCP Enrollment Options Intent Form must be signed at this meeting.

2. Obtain and complete the necessary CCP institution (college) application. It’s the student’s responsibility to apply to the university/college. The student must meet the CCP institution deadlines.

3. Parent(s) must sign a transcript release form requesting that a current high school transcript be sent with the student’s application (a transcript is a photocopy of the student’s high school grades). Failure to provide all of the information and required signatures may delay registration at the CCP institution (college or university).

4. Once a student has been accepted by the university/college and classes have been scheduled, the student must provide their Northwest counselor with a copy of the college schedule. It is the student’s responsibility to verify they have the required credits. There is a maximum of 30 credit hours paid for by the district each year. The 30 hour maximum includes college and high school credits.

ATHLETIC ELIGIBILITY FOR COLLEGE CREDIT PLUS For those students electing the CCP option, their athletic eligibility will continue to be based upon the grading period used by the high school. It is highly recommended that you obtain a copy of Ohio’s College Credit Plus Program from the State Department of Education. In addition, students electing to enroll in CCP must be certain that 1) The faculty members at the CCP institution understand they will need to provide grades or a progress report at the time when the high school’s grading period is over, and 2) The student-athlete is taking enough course work at the CCP institution exclusively or between the CCP institution and the high school combined to be equivalent to five one-credit courses. Calculating equivalency of credits in the CCP institution is conducted in the same manner as in the high school, based on the Carnegie unit. College courses for which three or more semester hours of credit are earned shall be awarded one Carnegie unit. Fractional Carnegie units will be awarded proportionately. Counselors_jun2017.pdf

Stark State CCP:

To schedule the Accuplacer at North Canton or Akron Campus click here: please refer back to this page and scroll down for sample questions to each test we offer in math, English, reading, and a written computer knowledge test.


To make an appointment to schedule classes with Sarah Fiddler or Ryan Palmer you can email us here at or call 330-494-6170 ext. 4198, we need the student’s name, phone numberavailability and if you want an in person appointment or over the phone.  The student must be present for the appointment, parents are welcome to attend the meeting.


To request your transcripts click here:


CCP Orientation can be found each semester on our home page in the bottom left corner – slide show to read through - click here:


Important dates, and more can be found our home page as well:


Dropping a class? Please make sure you have your counselor and teacher’s permission to drop, you may obtain permission by emailing them and then forwarding their response to