Morning and Afternoon Procedures

Morning and Afternoon Procedures:

In order to make the pick-up procedures as convenient and efficient as possible, we are asking the parents who pick up their child every day or nearly every day to send in a letter notifying the office. Parents will remain in their vehicles while dropping off children in the morning and picking up at the end of the day

In the afternoon, cars will line up at the very top of the driveway. At 3:10, students will be dismissed to their cars.

In the morning, we ask that you have your child exit the car anywhere in front of the school building.  You do not need to pull up to the drop-off sign.  Dismissing children one at a time causes an increase in traffic and prevents other students from entering the school efficiently and one-time.

Students will be supervised when entering and existing the school building.  All car traffic should remain in front of the building.  Only buses are permitted in the back of the building.

Morning Supervision

If you plan to drop off your child in the morning, they cannot arrive to school until 7:45 a.m..  Staff will not be here to supervise children prior to this time.  The office opens at 7:45 a.m.. and we will have school personnel arrive at that time to supervise the children in the gym.

Tardy - Students will be marked tardy if they arrive to school after 8:30.  Parents will need to report to the office to sign in their children.